Vangelis Kyriakou: “New minimum wage will help improve Cypriot football”

Professional footballers in Cyprus have a new minimum salary of at least 885 euro per month thanks to a government decree that came into effect on 1 January 2023.

The decree is a huge win for player union PASP, which had been in a conflict with the country’s football association (CFA) since last summer, when the CFA unilaterally decided to introduce a minimum salary of 150 euro.

According to the new decree, the minimum salary is set at 885 euro gross per month for the first six months of employment and at 940 euro gross per month for the following months. This salary is valid for men’s and women’s professional players.

Olympiakos Nicosia captain Vangelis Kyriakou explains what ruling means for players in Cyprus. Read his own story in FIFPRO’s article.