Get a Diploma in Performance Analysis & Scouting

DCE (Department of Continuing Education) of the American University of Cyprus, in collaboration with the Institute of Sports Analysis (INSA), presents an innovative educational online program in the Science of Performance Analysis & Scouting for Football and Basketball. These courses were designed to offer an educational experience and enhance the knowledge and skills of people who love these sports and seek their professional development-training.

Here is a brief overview of the courses they are offering:

Performance Analysis & Scouting, Level 1 (100 hours): €2,500 minus 30% for PASP members

The courses start at the beginning of January (09/01/2024) and last 4 months and upon completion of their studies these individuals obtain a university level diploma.

The program lasts a total of 100 hours, and you can expect to dedicate 6-8 hours per week to it. Classes will be held 2-3 times a week between the hours of 10:00 – 13:30. The exact times and days will be announced soon.

All classes will be conducted online through the Teams platform. In case of absence, you can also watch the recorded lessons.

Performance Analysis & Scouting, Level 2 (150 hours): €3,300 minus 30% for PASP members

If a person enrols in level 1 and level 2 football lessons, they will benefit from a reduced fee of only €4,060 (30% discount), instead of €5,800. In case of simultaneous prepayment of both programs, PASP members can benefit an additional discount of 10% (total price €3,650).

You can register through PASP via email until 18 December 2023, stating your following details:

  1. Full name
  2. Contact phone number
  3. Date of Birth

More information about Level 1 can be found below:

The educational program “Football Performance Analysis & Scouting Level 1” is a well-structured and specialized training program for potential Football Analysts and Scouts.

The program’s objective is to provide training in the use of Analysis and Video Analysis software, data collection and utilization methods, reporting, coaching principles and tactics, the use of new technologies (cameras, GPS), talent identification at a young age, and the creation of player profiles based on statistical data.

As a general outline, the program is divided into 4 main modules:

  • Principles of Analysis, Talent Identification
  • The Use of Performance Analysis, Video Presentation
  • Tactical Comprehension
  • Data Collection and Advanced Video Analysis

These modules cover principles and coaching tactics, team, player, and opponent analysis, database fundamentals, and the use of NAC sport and ONCE software.

Additionally, our students have free access to NAC & ONCE analysis software for the duration of the course to complete their assignments and practice.

The instructors leading your education are accomplished and distinguished coaches, analysts, scouts, etc.

Here are some of our educators with their respective qualifications:

  • Helmi Kechaou (National team of Tunisia, Analyst)
  • Josip Pausic (HNK Gorica, Analyst)
  • Martin Kolar (GNK Dinamo Zagreb, video Analyst)
  • Andreas Georgiou (Analyst Abha FC, SPL)
  • Collin Chambers (IPSO’s founder. Scouter Middlesbrough, Charlton, Northern Ireland FA)
  • Dalibor Cvek (CEO at ONCE software)
  • Predrag Sobotovic (Analyst, Olympiacos, Aris Thessaloniki)
  • Petros Kariatoglou (Data Analyst)
  • Ioannis Vlachos (Head of Scouting & Performance Analysisi PAOK FC Academies)
  • Sam Rafique (VEO Specialist)
  • Stelios Vradelis (CEO INSA)

Here is a brief overview of the topics covered in Level 1:

  • Performance Analysis I
  • Design Simple Systems
  • Live Analysis I
  • How to do Video Analysis – Drawing tools. Use of them
  • Post-match and Pre-match Analysis
  • Principles and tactics of Coaching
  • Opponent Analysis
  • Own Analysis
  • Use of Analytics Tools
  • Investigating bias in Scouting
  • Evaluating young players & team shapes
  • Scouting Report design
  • SICS
  • ONCE
  • NAC Basic