Red Button is a state-of-the-art PWA (Progressive Web App) application. The application is actually written in webpage code so that it can be opened by any web browser (eg Chrome, Firefox etc) on any electronic device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC).

Each user depending on the device they are using can accordingly download the application to their device’s desktop (as a shortcut).

Each player will randomly draw a card with a unique code through many choices. In this way any code can end up in the hands of any player in Cyprus without having to associate a code with any player.

The player must then activate the Red Button on his device, typing in the code and then keep secretly the card without any need to reveal it to anyone. There is no need to input absolutely any personal identification in the application.

The player will now be able to anonymously send information on fixed matches. Whether they are reached out by someone or a teammate is or even if they hear rumors inside the changing room.

With the Red Button:

  • The players help the authorities.
  • The players protect themselves. For an example if a player for some reason is arrested or summoned for questioning if they wish they can present the card with their code and prove that they are not involved since they sent information on match fixing.
  • It acts as a deterrent since now in the locker room every player can send anything that they perceive as attempts to match fixing, easily, instantly and anonymously.
  • Footballers are now being held accountable and cannot use as an excuse the fear of a named complaint.