A press conference was held by the Pancyprian Footballers Union (PASP) on Monday 3 February 2020, following the very serious recent events in the sport of football, which includes allegations of match fixing and other bad practices.

During the conference PASP announced a series of measures which are already being taken by the Union to tackle the problem of match fixing, and also presented other proposals which were offered to the authorities to adopt. The Executive President of PASP Mr. Spyros Neofytides also sent a clear message to the government that the Union of the footballers must be present during decision-making meetings.

During the conference, it was revealed that following the sole initiative of PASP, with the support of FIFPro, and the valuable assistance of the Footballers Union of Finland, codes for the Red Button program have been received, which will be available to football players starting Tuesday 4 February 2020. The Red Button web application is a reporting tool for athletes to prevent match manipulation and was created to safeguard the rights of players. Footballers can report any suspicions of facts anonymously.

Mr. Neofytides also made a special reference on the misconduct and bad practice of the authorities and particularly the Ministry of Justice, culminating in the false (!) arrest of a football player for his alleged involvement in a fixed match.

The other measures that PASP considers necessary to combat the phenomenon of match fixing are:

  • Legislative provision for minimum wage for professional football players.
  • Immediate ban of access to the locker room and the field of play, of persons not listed on the match sheet.
  • Removal of phone privacy when necessary and for cases in which facts have been collected.
  • Creation of criteria regulations for the persons involved in football.
  • Immediate videotaping and archiving of the second division matches, which will serve both as a deterrent and as a control measure for the authorities.