No respect for the players from the CFA

After the second letter to the CFA, that PASP had sent together with the captains of the teams of Pafos and Akritas, for moving the match between them from Christmas Eve, the federation which deliberately did not respond to the union body of the footballers, sent a reply letter to the two Club saying that due to the VAR company, the request cannot be fulfilled.

The CFA’s response to the two teams raises many questions, while at the same time it demonstrates the lack of respect for the clubs, the players, the coaches, the referees and the fans of the two clubs.

Representing all footballers in Cyprus, PASP once again calls on the CFA to move the specific match from Christmas Eve to December 23.

If the CFA has problem with the third mobile VAR unit then there is an alternative solution with the time schedule in order the VAR unit to be able to move from one city to another.

In addition, CFA violates the informal agreement that was made between the federation and PASP several years ago, so that there are no matches from 23/12 until 2/1 of each year.