New FIFPRO Player Workload Monitoring platform!

Out of all footballers in the new FIFPRO Player Workload Monitoring platform, Rúben Dias and Frenkie de Jong are the two players participating in UEFA EURO 2020 who have played the most minutes during the 2020/2021 season so far.

EURO2020 will kick-off tonight. Players in Europe have played an intense season with many games and often too little rest, which raises risk of injury and poses a threat to their level of performance.

Dias played 5,891 minutes in 65 matches already this season for Manchester City and Portugal. De Jong (Barcelona and the Netherlands) played 54 minutes fewer than Dias. On average both had just over four days of rest between two matches.

FIFPRO recommends at least five days of rest and recovery time between two appearances to protect the players’ health, limit injury risk and prevent burnout.

Of the ten EURO 2020 players with the highest workload, only two averaged at least five days of rest between matches: Callum McGregor and Péter Gulacsi. However, the latter only had a seven-day break between this season and previous season: the shortest of all top ten players.

FIFPRO recommends that players have a mandatory five-week period in between seasons that includes three weeks away from football and two weeks of pre-season training. Only three of the ten European players had a three-week break at least.