FIFPRO, is immensely pleased that, as of January 2021, new FIFA Maternity regulations will come into effect:

  • The players are entitled to a fourteen-week maternity leave, including at least an eight-week leave after giving birth.
  • Even if fit, the player may decide whether or not to continue to play during her pregnancy.
  • During maternity leave, the player is entitled to at least two thirds of her salary.
  • The player will remain registered with her team. She may only be deregistered with her prior consent.
  • If a club terminates a contract with a player during her pregnancy or maternity leave, they must prove that the dismissal was unrelated to the pregnancy or maternity leave.

The new regulations are an important and very solid first step. However, FIFPRO will be campaigning for more protection: “We will continue to push until we see all aspects of our Parental Policy implemented. There is still a lot to do, but for the moment, we celebrate this major achievement for players and for football as a whole.”