The case brought by footballer Boris Klayman to FIFA regarding his contract for the March to May 2020 period was successful, following the appeal which was supported by the Pancyprian Footballers Union. Thus, his former club Enosis Neon Paralimni, if obliged to pay him full earnings for the above-mentioned period.

The outcome of this case was one of the main reasons we insisted as a Union for the resuming of the championship, following the postponement in March due to the pandemic. We knew that the resuming of the league would ultimately protect not only the players but the clubs as well, since taking into consideration all the data, it was obvious that in case of legal proceedings, the players would be justified, as happened in the case of Klayman.

It would have been disastrous for the clubs if they didn’t proceed back in spring with individual settlement agreements with their players.

Via its above decision, FIFA does not accept the position that the 2019-20 season in Cyprus was unable to resume due to force majeure.