Air promises from some clubs for dual contracts and Visa issuance

It is with great concern that the Pancypriot Footballers’ Association is forced to raise two important issues for which our Association has drawn the attention of football players to avoid unexpected trouble. And that’s because some clubs don’t seem to respect the footballers. One issue relates to dual contracts and the other to visa issuance.

Specifically, after complaints, PA.S.P. informed both the footballers and their representatives about the tactics of some clubs to enter double contracts to deceive the players. In particular, in an artificial way the clubs never grant the second contract to the footballers, which is unacceptable and unthinkable.

Their favorite tactic is to grant the single contract with a net and maximum amount of 150 euros, knowingly violating the state legislation which provides for a minimum wage of 885 euros for the first six months and 940 euros from the 7th month onwards.

The most dangerous and tragic thing, however, is that the second contract is given to the footballers unsigned by the club in order for the footballer to sign it. They promise that the president and the general secretary of the club will sign it after a few days. Promises, however, that in many cases remain unfulfilled.

What some clubs seek is to extract only the signature of the footballers and hold the second contract themselves in order to have the latter in hand in case they do not meet the terms of the agreement. In fact, they only deposit the 150 euro contracts to the CFA, while the second one the footballer will never see and the most important one he will not be able to use in any way. The tactic of double contracts on the part of the clubs is followed, among other things, to avoid paying social insurance.

About the issue of issuing visas, it is observed in some cases that groups fail to carry out this obligation towards the workers, with the result that the latter are left hanging. PA.S.P. informs that he has reported these behaviors both to the Ministry of Labor and to CFA.

PA.S.P. calls on the clubs to respect their obligations and respect the footballers since they know from the beginning who need to renew their visas. Because as it seems some teams fail to do the obvious, PA.S.P. invited players to take care beforehand not to leave themselves exposed as well as to address any doubts or concerns they may have to the Association.