PASP Footbal Awards 2020-2021 A’ Division

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  1. The candidates’ Examination results are based on the results of the Greek and Mathematics Examinations. Both Examinations carry equal weight. The candidates with the highest average mark are offered a place in our School, given that they score 50% and above in both papers. One Full Scholarship for one year and four Partial Scholarships (50%) for one year will be awarded to the students who attain the highest marks.
  2. Candidates, whose parents are not native speakers of Greek or have not attended a Greek-speaking Elementary School, will be examined in English and Mathematics.
  3. The candidate’s name will not appear on his/her Entrance Examination paper. The Entrance Examinations are corrected and marked by members of the Departments of Modern Greek and Mathematics of the G C School of Careers. It is the School’s policy that reassessment requests are not accepted under any circumstances. Marked papers are not available for inspection by parents.
  4. The Entrance Examination results will be sent by email on Monday, 29 March.
  5. The School reserves the right to refuse the application of a candidate, if the School Management considers, at its discretion, that this